The Wind, The Thunder and The Wolf

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The sun is shining on this cool crisp day. Not a cloud in the sky. The birds are singing their

songs of beauty. I have been on this jogging route many times. I know every tree and every

house, especially the house with the old man who sits on a white wicker chair on his modest

porch. He gives a wave and a "Hey" every day as I jog past. It's a friendly neighborhood that

gives me comfort to be in it. On this day, however, I decide to turn toward a new path. I turn to run down toward a more upscale neighborhood with even more beauty to behold amongst every

street. I have always dreamt of jogging down these wondrous streets but didn't have the

courage to attempt it.

My feet pound the ground as I turn to enter. I'm amazed at the perfectly kept lawns, the well maintained bushes and the flower gardens at every house. The houses are large with stunning

mailboxes to match. These are what dreams are made of.

As I venture farther into the neighborhood I feel a soft breeze blow across my face. Usually I love the touch of an autumn breeze on my skin but this time I felt uneasy. It seemed as though

the breeze came like a whisper that penetrated my ears, and it caused me to be alarmed.

-"You don't belong here. Why did you think a person like you could enter a place such as this?"-

The breeze turned to a light wind and the sky turned gray.

I could hear thunder rumbling.This time the thunder spoke in its loud crackle across the sky.

-"You are not good enough for here! You will never measure up to a place like this!"-

When I turned back to go the way I came a low festering fog was drifting towards me. I knew

didn't want to get lost in it so I ran towards the forest in front of me. It was a dark and eerie. The

forest was full of dead trees and the wind hauntingly whistled through telling me I would never

get out. I was frightened that I would never return home.

My heart is racing. My emotions are high. I weep in despair and collapse to the ground. I'm

crying and screaming for it to stop to no avail.

The wind and thunder shout together in their delight of my anguish.

-" You have no talents good enough for beautiful places and your not beautiful enough to be

amongst beautiful people!"- shouted the forest.

I shout for them to stop. I plead and beg. They kept yelling at me for what seemed like hours. I lay on the ground sobbing loudly and exhausted from trying to fight their torcherous taunts. I manage to get the strength to sit up. I spot a cabin in front of me farther in the woods. It

catches me off guard a bit. I don't recall seeing it moments ago. I rise to my feet, fighting the

wind. I know I must make it to the cabin. The wind and thunder laugh with menace at me as I

make my way to the cabin.

As I arrive to the small cabin I see the door open as if to invite me in. A woman's voice calls to me.

-" Hello Dawn, come on in-"

I'm startled by the fact the woman knows my name. I step into the cabin and the door closes

hard behind me. I can't believe what I see. What looked like a small cabin looks much larger on

the inside. It is lavish with creative and woodsy décor. A huge fireplace with a warm fire burning

lines the far wall. A typical bear skin rug adorns the floor in front of it. A beautiful woman who

looks to be older stands up from a rocking chair from in front of the fireplace. She had beautiful,

long flowing hair. The wind, thunder and now lightening began to pound outside of the cabin just

as my heart did as I asked her how she knew my name.

-" I know you well. You could say we have been through a lot together. Pay no attention to

what's going on outside. Come, come sit. Let me get you some tea."-

I slowly walk over to the sofa and sit on the crochet cover draped over it. I feel the warmth of the fire on my face and find some comfort in it.

As the woman brings my tea she tells me her name is Constance. As soon as I take the cup of tea, I hear a wolf howl from outside. It startles and frightens me. Constance tells me -"that there

is no need to be frightened." " It's just a wolf dear. You know you could learn a lot from a wolf