About us

Writerbyte is a platform for storytellers and artists. We take pride in giving people a way to share their literature, and dream of one day being the home to a great community. We wholly believe that everyone is an artist, and our projects aim to prove that.

Writerbyte is a product of Imaginous Media, a Canadian company.

Our Mission

We want to engage people to read and write more, and by building an intuitive, modern, and simple platform, we believe we can spin a modern take on publishing people's stories.

Our Projects

  • To host seasonal writing contests, and highlight remarkable works of fiction.
  • To develop an integrated writing system on Writerbyte, allowing people to write and save their works directly on the website.
  • Develop Writerbyte's own original works of fiction.
  • Expand Writerbyte's reach by deploying multilingual features.
  • Expand Writerbyte's reach by spreading our platform to Android and iOS.

Our Story

Based largely in Montreal, the great importance of culture, ideas, discussion, and imagination inspired the need for a platform like Writerbyte. With proper community guidelines we believe Writerbyte can host stories for anyone to enjoy.

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